Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Lincoln Atheists Billboard is Down

Lincoln Atheists was informed on October 18, 2016 by Lamar Advertising Company that they made a business decision to pull and remove the Lincoln Atheists billboard at 1648 South St. in Lincoln, Nebraska. This decision was based on customer complaints via the property owner. An alternative location was not available to relocate the billboard.

This billboard was fully funded by contributions and donations made solely to Lincoln Atheists. Lamar was gracious in refunding the advertising costs, which will be credited back to Lincoln Atheists' general fund.

While Lincoln Atheists understands and respects Lamar's business decision, collectively we are very disappointed that atheists are not afforded an equal platform in the marketplace of ideas. However, we are not deterred in pursuing our mission.

Lincoln Atheists is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to building a positive community for non-theists; fostering secular viewpoints; supporting charitable contributions to society; protecting and promoting the separation of church and state.