Monday, December 7, 2015

2015 Ballots Sent Out

The ballots for Lincoln Atheists Board of Directors election has been sent out. Members in good standing have been sent to emails Lincoln Atheists has on file with links to cast their votes.

If you prefer to vote in person you can do so at the member meeting December 13th.

Final day to vote is December 13th.

If you haven't received a ballot please notify Ryan at

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

2015 Board Election Begins

The voting will be online, on the final day of elections at the Board/members meeting will have people available for anyone who wants to vote in person. The link will be sent shortly for elections to the email we have on file.
Final Election Day December 13
Some words from our candidates:

Education Director

Chris Clements

I should be the Director of the education committee because I am highly motivated and am eager to educate both atheists and theists alike. I was raised by a father that was extremely active in community service organizations and want to see LA grow into an organization that atheists can rely on to help them with whatever they may need. I believe the single best way to make our world a better place is to educate, and would be honored to be chosen for this position.

Ronnie Kellogg

Here are the reasons why I believe I would make a good Director of Education for Lincoln Atheists.
(1) I am a very strong atheist who is out of the closet. I believe that it is time for us atheists to make our voices clearly heard.
(2) I see myself very clearly as an educator and love fulfilling that role.
(3) I am an avid learner. My favorite books are nonfiction ones dealing with scientific and philosophical topics. My go-to subjects, however, have to do with how we humans best learn and the psychology of good judgement, decision making, and belief formation.
(4) I am very good at research.
(5) Bettering myself in all things is extremely important to me, so I don’t take criticism harshly.
(6) My open and warm personality means that I try very hard, (and quite usually succeed), at getting along with people.


Susan Soriente

When I joined LA approximately three years ago I hoped to find people who were openly atheist. Which is what I found but now that we have incorporated, LA is becoming much more. We are beginning to find ways to serve in Lincoln, to support freedoms and rights and form alliances with like minded groups. I would like to support LA’s continuing growth and change into a dynamic free thought, humanist, atheist group by serving on the board as secretary.

Brandon Cure

When I graduated from college a year ago I wanted to do something to be more active in the Atheist community and when the opportunity to be on the Board for Lincoln Atheists came up I was eager to be a part of it. I love breaking down the stereotypes that surround Atheists by doing good works and making things a more fair society. Being Secretary of Lincoln Atheists is an honor and a privilege that I would like to continue doing.
Running unopposed

Community Service Director

Rachel Danay


Rachele Walter

Sunday, November 15, 2015

2015 Board Candidates

Nominations have been entered. The nominees have accepted the nominations. The candidates for Lincoln Atheists 2015 Board Election are...


  • Brandon Cure
  • Susan Soriente


  • Rachele Walter

Director of Education

  • Ronnie Kellogg
  • Christopher Clements

Director of Community Service

  • Rachel Danay

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Nominations Are Open!

Ladies and gentlemen the nominations have begun! Lincoln Atheists has a few chairs up for election on our board. As a reminder only dues paying members can nominate or be nominated.
The chairs that are up for election are
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Director of Education
  • Director of Community Service

It's not too late to become a member! Discounted NEW membership through December!
Individual Membership
$25 $6.25 
Family Membership
$40 $10

Again, to nominate, be nominate or even vote you have to be a member, so go to this link and become a member of Lincoln Atheist!

Then after you sign up go here and nominate someone or yourself!